by Vox and the Hound

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The companion to their recently released album "Courage," this EP contains some tracks that were ousted from the LP roster, but still deserve some attention. Together they form an exile EP entitled "Cowards." available on 7" vinyl and digital download on January 19, 2013


released January 19, 2013



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Vox and the Hound New Orleans, Louisiana


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Track Name: No Matter What
I cover up your eyes
I take the biggest piece
I hide it in the West
While you were looking Eastward
Yes, that's what I prefer
And when I hit the road
Well you can come along
You can drive my car
And take all of the wrong turns
And say all of the wrong words
Yes we're in for the long burn
You and me, we just won't learn

Of the best and the worst
And the blessed and the cursed
It seems I found you first
It's hard to breathe, and I can't see
Why you won't leave no matter what I do

And when I try to dance
You stumble up my feet
And when I sing a song
You play a different beat, girl
Well ain't you sweet, girl
You say don't call you "girl"
I say I ain't your man
But my heart is yours
You put your heart in my hands
Then we'll see who's left standing
Every year that is passing
You and me, we just can't win

When you've had all your fun
If you lost, if you won
Now the damage is done
And there we'll be, just you and me
With run down bones and bruised up knees
All the big faux pas and c'est la vie's
And I won't leave no matter what you do
Track Name: Bodybags
Lock and key, I'm kept away
I knock and scratch and beg all day
But God would make me wait
Sit by the door with nothing to say
Just trapped inside a house you hate
Because God made you that way
Grab the reigns, 'cause fate's a test
And father don't always know best
Romeo and Juliet should've stayed apart
But now they're dead and buried

Halfway up, I'm looking down
I know my guts will meet the ground
But how long will it take
When someone who's so full of shit
Can't seem to spare a shit to give
When everything is breaking

Man the castles where you throw your bodybags
Hide the heart that you made sure nobody had

If peace I want, then peace I'll claim
"Forgive and forget" is the name of the game
I'd deny myself peace if it gave you the same
'Til the day you die, you'll remember my name if it kills me
And it will

Man the castles where you throw your bodybags
Hide the heart that you made sure nobody had